Welcome to Mzizi Court 1B

Phase 1 sold out, Phase 2 now selling

Surrounded by features that make every moment a pleasure to live and enjoy life, Mzizi is a perfect choice for every astute investor and homeowner looking to pamper themselves with a comfortable, ultra-modern home.

Living in Mzizi places you in the middle of the UN approved diplomatic blue zone and offers you access to world class retail and leisure spaces ensuring that the lifestyle you lead is one that you have always dreamt of. Own a part of Two Rivers, affordably, invest in the 26 Mzizi Court Apartments.


Electricity is reliable, water constant, clean and fresh. There is plenty of parking space and each apartment has a private storage area in the basement. Amenities provided include:

CCTV camera

Security is paramount with CCTV cameras ensuring a safe living environment.

Reliable Water Supply-Borehole

A reliable water supply from a borehole is in place for the convenience of residents.

Internet provision

Internet provisions are available to meet the modern connectivity needs of residents.

Dedicated parking

A dedicated parking silo away from the estate to minimize noise and smoke pollution within the apartment blocks.

Lifts and a staircase

The building is equipped with lifts and a staircase for convenient mobility.

Back Up Generators for common areas

Backup generators ensure uninterrupted power supply for common areas.

2024 Project Updates

Mzizi – June 2024

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2023 Project Updates

Mzizi – December 2023

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2022 Project Updates

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2021 Project Updates

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Junior One Bedroom

From KES 4,900,000

Two Bedroom Apartment

From KES 9,700,000

One Bedroom Apartment

From KES 6,500,000

Three Bedroom Apartment

From KES 13,120,000

One Bedroom Loft

From KES 8,150,000