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The fight against COVID-19 has rendered most of us isolated in some form, whether partially or completely. Because this new reality demands that we spend most of our time indoors, it is essential that we improve our air quality at home. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) encourages households to improve their ventilation by opening windows or adjusting their air-con. Drawn curtains and opened windows let in fresh air and sunlight which, together with good hygiene practices and consistent disinfection, renders your space germ free and contributes to the flattening of the Corona Virus curve.

In a recent article for realtor.com, Becky Bracken discusses how open-air treatments were influential in mitigating the effects of the 1918 flu pandemic. She cites a report that reveals that a combination of sunlight and fresh air prevented death and infection. Even though there isn’t explicit scientific evidence of sunlight curbing the spread of COVID-19, it is known to kill bacteria.

According to the recent weather forecasts, despite the rain Nairobi and other regions in Kenya have been experiencing, temperatures have averaged 26°C. This means that not only is the sun free, but it is readily available. Here are a few ways you can take advantage of the weather to let sunrays into your home and improve air circulation:

Open your windows and draw your curtains

As obvious and as cliché as it may sound, some people prefer to keep their windows closed especially when it is cold and damp. Opening your windows allows fresh airflow throughout your home, relieving it off stuffiness. If you can, open the windows that don’t open onto the street, this ensures that outdoor air coming in is less polluted. Draw your curtains, this will automatically brighten your space. Consider using sheer curtains instead of dark or heavy ones; sheer or light fabric curtains ensure that you still have your privacy without compromising on natural light. Fresh air and natural light will not only leave your house feeling fresher, it may also improve your mood and leave you feeling lighter.

Beeswax Candles

If you love using candles in your home, you’ll be pleased to know that beeswax candles act as natural air purifiers. They ionize the air, neutralizing toxic compounds and other impurities. In addition to enriching the air quality at home, they burn slowly so you won’t need to replace them often. Moreover, pure beeswax candles burn with almost no smoke or scent.

Use outside space

The surest way of getting fresh air is by making use of the outdoors while you’re indoors. If you have a balcony, a corridor or a compound, use it. Soak in the fresh air as you read, work, exercise, eat or during your downtime. All you need to make your outdoor space habitable is a chair, a bench, a throw pillow or even a mat

These are but a few suggestions on how you can better your health in your home. They are mostly free, straightforward and will demonstrably improve your general well-being. As we navigate our new reality, may we strive to make our personal spaces as healthy as possible.

By Caroline Orao| Senior Marketing Executive

April 2, 2020